Tuesday, 29 September 2015

I can't Believe the BBC made this...

One of my favourite TV series from the '70's. Here

This article reminded me of it and told me where it had been published.  Like the man says, download it before the BBC claims copyright or something.


Pablo said...

I read somewhere that he's got Piketty + Stiglitz (maybe not Stiglitz, but some good bloke) on the team.

Derek said...

Danny Blanchflower, Mariana Mazzucato, Anastasia Nesvetailova, Thomas Picketty, Ann Pettifor, Joseph Stiglitz and Simon Wren-Lewis, according to


Seems like a decent team to me. A good mix of people who understand land, people who understand banks and people who understand investment. Some big names, some unknowns. Hopefully they'll get a bit of traction.

Lola said...

Derek. Irony I presume?

Rich Tee said...

Good call. I watched the first two episodes yesterday (thanks to Chromecast I can actually watch it on my proper TV).

They've only made cursory nods to the future, like changing the car number plates. It's interesting that they foresee the European Union freedom of movement in the second episode.

The British Film Institute has been re-releasing rare 1970s BBC programmes on DVD in recent years, they might be interested in this.