Saturday, 1 August 2015

New personal best time for the Schwarzwald to London run

We set off from Karlsruhe this morning at 7 am European time, went via Aachen/Belgium and arrived home at 6.30 British time = twelve and a half hours.

If you knock off an hour for waiting in the queues in Calais, an hour and a half for the ferry crossing and half an hour for a detour to the supermarket for milk etc on the way home, I make that an average speed of about 60 mph.


James Higham said...

You actually got through Calais without any extra weight?

Mark Wadsworth said...

JH, we dumped some of our luggage to make space for our friendly hitchhikers Mr Patel and Achmed.

Random said...

Old xenophobes dislike "lefty" Corybn who don't pander to the "middle classes."
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