Friday 22 May 2015

Burger King's rather puzzling pricing policies.

Yesterday I bought a "Bacon double cheese XL burger" meal*, which is £6.99, plus 60p to 'supersize' it, in other words get a few extra chips and a drinks cup the size of a bucket.

It wasn't really enough, so today I just got two of their £3.79 "Big King" meals, as a result I got a lot more food (four burgers and even more chips) for one penny less. The lass behind the counter happily swapped the two normal sized cups for a bucket-sized one.

Strange. You'd expect the reverse to apply.

* Off limits for Hindus, Jews and Muslims!


Steven_L said...

It wasn't really enough


Bayard said...

I suppose their pricing just gets so complicated with offers and options, that things like that slip through the net. See also off-peak rail fares.

Graeme said...

I hope you enjoyed that penny! These days it can sometimes cost more than a penny to spend a penny.

Graeme said...

I hope you enjoyed the penny. These days it sometimes costs more than a penny to spend a penny.