Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The Daily Mash does Home-Owner-Ism (again)

From The Daily Mash:

Renter Emma Bradford said: “When owning a house becomes an impossibility*, at first it’s depressing but then your mind turns to things other than mortgages and floor plans.

“It’s like taking a massive dose of some powerful hallucinogen and seeing everything incredibly vividly. You realise universal truths like what materialistic shits your friends have become.”

* The article is based on a recent Halifax report, from City AM:

Overall, the Halifax data suggested that more people may be giving up the idea of owning their own home.

People saving for a deposit has dropped six percentage points to 43 per cent compared with 2013. At the same time, those who are saving expect to have to put in more effort to save than existing homeowners.

Potential first-time buyers are now prepared to save for an average of 5.35 years whereas recent home buyers saved for an average of 3.6 years.


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Mark Wadsworth said...

JJ, yes but we knew that all along. I don't see what's so head turning about it.