Tuesday, 28 April 2015

More Serendipity

Before I start I want to make it plain that I am not having a pop at anyone in particular I am though at having a pop at prejudice, received wisdom and those that deny the bleedin' obvious.

Referring back to an earlier post we had a discussion on the efficiency or otherwise of the NHS. My contention is that the bloody thing is structurally unsound and will never be 'efficient' and other people held that it was 'efficient' in comparison with other nations health care systems.

I then said that I suspected that other health care systems were equally inefficient in themselves, so that any comparisons were likely to be meaningless.

Serendipitously and joyfully we now get  this, which links to this.

I have not had the time yet to read the OECD report in full, so I am readying myself for all sort of opprobrium.

Personally, I think the whole damn' NHS needs denationalising. Competition between providers must not be prevented and pressure from special interest groups must be ignored. And as a safety net we can do the health vouchers thing, if you absolutely insist.


Bayard said...

Where there's brass there's muck. With a budget the size of the NHS's to spend, the possibilities of mega-corruption in a privates health system are pretty enormous.