Thursday, 23 April 2015

Fast & Furious Show 7

From Wiki and Wiki:

After breaking into the secure hospital where car salesman Swiss Toni is being held, Toni’s older brother, Rowley Birkin QC, a retired barrister, swears vengeance against "the team that will nick anything". Meanwhile, Ron Manager, Patrick Nice and the rest of the crew, having been able to return to the United States, are now trying to live normal lives again.

Soon, Rowley breaks into Ted and Ralph’s secure DSS office to extract profiles of Ron Manager’s crew, but is caught by Ted and Ralph. After revealing his identity, Rowley engages Ted and Ralph in a fight, and escapes when he detonates a bomb that sends Ted and Ralph flying out of the building and onto the roof of a car.

Severely injured, Ralph is rushed to hospital by Ted, who escaped serious injury. Meanwhile, Rowley learns from his great-niece Janine Carr that she is pregnant by the Headmaster again; despite her objections, he convinces her to tell Chris the Crafty Cockney about it. Their heart to heart is interrupted by a phone call: Rowley, calling immediately after having killed John Actor, formerly of their crew, in Tokyo.

This tips off Rowley that the package he has seen on his doorstep is, in fact a disguised bomb; it explodes, destroying the Manager house but leaving Patrick and his family unharmed. Which was nice.


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