Friday, 24 April 2015

"Cockroaches in infested halls refuse to pay rent until the students are gone"

From The Evening Standard:

Cockroaches and mice living in halls infested with students are refusing to pay their rent until accommodation managers get rid of the humans. Cockroaches living in Dinwiddy House and Paul Robeson House have been plagued by students from the School of Oriental and African Studies in their flats since the start of term in September.

The halls, located in Pentonville Road, Kings Cross, are managed by university accommodation providers Sanctuary and cost £147.28 a week to rent a single en-suite room. "The only way we can afford this is by sharing thousands to a room," added a spokesroach. "The mice chip in what they can, but that isn't much."

One cockroach claims that 38 of his friends and family were killed by a student in an unprovoked, sustained and violent attack on her first day of moving in, while mice scuttling in the kitchens have complained about being tricked into ingesting poisonous substances which have led to dozens of slow, lingering deaths.