Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Readers' Letter Of The Day

Nominated by DBC Reed from The Guardian, the good bit is near the end:

Austerity policies have failed everyone but the super-rich, bankers and landlords who have benefited from the government’s tax cuts, bonuses and measures to boost house prices, but not home building. We call for an end to austerity policies.

We need to invest in a future for the majority of the population. That’s why we’ll be supporting the People’s Assembly Against Austerity national demonstration and festival against austerity on Saturday 20 June.

Len McCluskey Unite
Mark Serwotka PCS
Christine Blower NUT
Mick Whelan Aslef
[and 47 of the other usual suspects]


James Higham said...

It's an inspired name, NUT.

DBC Reed said...

This is not a very reasonable summary of the letter.
You may not like the signatories but anti-homeownerists should approve any efforts to establish that continuously raising house prices is deliberate policy.

Lola said...

One load of cronyistic criminal rent seekers having a go at another load of cronyistic criminal rent seekers. Both of them resort to coercion.

DBC Reed said...

You what!?!I would hardly call the likes of Shappy Khorsandi, Maxine Peake,Rufus Hound,and that bloke off the "Revolution will not be Televised" criminal rent seekers (on long list).As for coercion, I do not even argue that the Homeownerist
informal conspiracy is coercive: it is just very pervasive and dug deep into the country's institutions.It works by bribing homeowners with guaranteed capital gains in the value of their houses ,not coercion.Any exposure of this as deliberate policy is to be welcomed.As for cronyism ,Freemasons can cause more problems to small town
businesses than some loose association of lefties/lovies in London!

Bayard said...

"Freemasons can cause more problems to small town businesses"

Somewhat O/T, but it is my impression that every small town is essentially run by a "mafia" made up of the leading businessmen and women and the leading families (who are usually the leading landowners, too) and while they may be Tories or Rotarians, they are not always Freemasons.

Random said...

"It works by bribing homeowners with guaranteed capital gains in the value of their houses ,not coercion."
Their houses (that is the buildings and improvements) are worth the same, unless they have made an extension.
If you don't think it is coercive, try not paying rent or mortgage interest and still living in your house.
When buying a house, this is not coercive. When paying for title deeds, this is extortion money for the right to kick hippies out of your house.