Tuesday, 31 March 2015

"Computers, a host of TV channels and smart phones: The simple indoor pleasures missed out on by yesterday's children"

From The Daily Mail:

They are the traditional childhood pastimes which often see children spending hours safely in front of a screen instead of coming home drenched and muddy after jumping in puddles, injured from falling out of a tree or picking up nasty infections from mud pies.

The dubious pleasures of playing outside are disappearing - as children choose to stay indoors playing video games rather than go out to make sandcastles and daisy chains. Dozens of indoor pursuits that now define childhood are activities that yesterday's children never had the chance to try...

David Hardy, spokesman for the Electro Attractions Group which carried out the survey, said:

"Nowadays, children have much more to keep them amused - computers, a host of TV channels and smart phones - something older generations didn't have. As a result, youngsters don't have to get dirty in the mud and puddles, be bored stupid by fresh air or get beaten up by bigger boys in the park.

"Forcing your children to suffer these traditional activities occasionally can be a great way of reminding them just how great it is simply sitting in front of a computer or TV screen.

"But that's about it, really. You've made one daisy chain, you've made 'em all, frankly."


A K Haart said...

Using a magnifying glass to start fires on a sunny day. That was a popular one.

Mark Wadsworth said...

AKH, that's good fun the first few times as well, especially burning moving ants, but the novelly wears off.

The Stigler said...

I love that kite flying is on that list. Kite flying is one of the most overrated activities ever, something that really doesn't deserve a song in Mary Poppins. No child would ever sing "let's go fly a kite" twice. The best part of kiting is the building. It's an achievement to get it up in the air, but once you've done that, you might as well burn it.

In reality, kids still go out, and still love going out. But they do less of it and mostly when it's nice weather. We only went out to the woods as kids because on a wet sunday in February it was go to the woods or watch Weekend World or something teaching immigrants English.

The other thing is that non-computer stuff for kids is really cheap, too. My kids are into making craft stuff, and it costs me pocket change for the stuff they use. They'd rather make some costume jewellery than a daisy chain.