Friday, 20 February 2015

Random thoughts.

1. The worst night out ever. In five or ten years' time when your wife makes you accompany her to "50 Shades Of Grey - The Musical" for your wedding anniversary.

2. The ultimate anthem for office workers, by Bon Jovi:

I'll live when I'm alive
And sleep at my desk"

3. The Daily Mail on super tip-top form:

... this is one of the Chelsea fans caught up in claims of racist behaviour. Former public schoolboy Josh Parsons, 20, was named on Twitter as one of the men standing in the carriage where a group shoved a black man off a Paris train.

Mr Parsons is yet to speak about the incident and there was no answer at his £1.5million six-bedroom family home in Surrey yesterday, which he apparently shares with his grandmother.


The Stigler said...

1. Think of a movie that women liked (Ghost, Legally Blonde, Calendar Girls, Sister Act, The Full Monty) and it's almost certainly been turned into a musical, so I think this is going to happen.