Tuesday 24 February 2015

Fun Online Polls: Valentine's Day & Buying from your landlord

The responses to The Stigler's Fun Online Poll were as follows:

What did you get for Valentine's Day?

A card - 11 votes
Chocolates - 2 votes
An evening out - 3 votes
Champagne - 2 votes
Flowers - 0 votes
Sex - 9 votes
Other, please specify - 3 votes
Nothing - 58 votes

There were 79 voters, 58 got nothing and 21 got 30 items in total.

So now we know.
Last year, our landlord decided to chuck us out and sell the house.

Being too lazy to move and having given up hope of there being a house price crash, we put in a cheeky offer which was accepted. So the thought experiment which helps us demolish a lot of "Killer Arguments Against LVT" is quite real in my case.

I was chatting about this to somebody at work and he told me he'd once bought from his landlord, and a longstanding YPP accomplice did it a year or two ago. So out of a very small and totally unrepresentative sample, that's three people.

So maybe it is quite common?

To find out, that's this week's Fun Online Poll.

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Rich Tee said...

It certainly is far less trouble for both parties which is why the landlord accepted the cheeky offer I expect.

I don't think I would buy my flat because of the drainage in the bathroom. The design means that the waste pipe from the bath travels a long distance at a shallow angle so it drains slowly and gets blocked up easily. It's a constant headache for me.

Bayard said...

RT, surely that's a reason to buy. You could point out the problem, knock the cost of rectifying it off the price and you'd effectively be getting it fixed for free if you bought.

Mark Wadsworth said...

RT, I once owned a house like that, the pipe was constantly blocked and the bath took half an hour to empty.

The solution would have been - presumably - to replace the 1" pipe with a 2" pipe (I sold the house again before I got round to it).

B, exactly, but RT can bank that one until his landlord offers to sell.