Friday, 30 January 2015

Pro Tip

From the Telegraph

Thousands of Virgin Media broadband customers are being transferred to TalkTalk and will lose their email address, a move that has infuriated customers.

Virgin Media is in the process of transferring 100,000 non-cable broadband and home phone customers to TalkTalk. These customers will have 12 months to adopt a new email address.
However, customers who choose to move to a different provider instead of TalkTalk will have only 90 days to change their email.

Tim Palmer, a Virgin customer from north London, said the move would cause “huge inconvenience” to his family, which uses the email address as a login for internet banking, online shopping and other services.

This is why I recommend that people get a domain name for their family, doesn't matter what it is. You could just have or Then you create a email addresses for each person (e.g. and and forward them to the real email that it's going to. Costs about a fiver a year, but it does mean that you keep your email address for life. If you stop liking your internet provider, you just sign up with someone else and switch your email to the new address.


The Cowboy Online said...

Or just use Google mail, or Microsoft's, if you aren't particularly worried about having a 'vanity' domain.

Lola said...

Did that years ago. Highly recommended

Dinero said...
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Dinero said...

Its worth comparing your broadband and phone subsciption with your providers current rates. It can be 50% lower.

Bayard said...

TCO, but what if Google or Microsoft decide to "do a Virgin"?

TBH, I've never had this problem and some of the businesses whose domains my email addresses are @ are many many years dead. I can't see why Virgin are doing this, unless they're deliberately trying to piss these people off. It's not as if there aren't, in principle, an infinite number of addresses available.

Dinero said...

I meant that the current rates can be 50% lower.