Monday, 12 January 2015

It must have had the hump.

From News Centre 23:

An out of control camel killed two people in Texas.

The Wichita County Sheriff says a man went into a pen to break up ice in the water trough. A woman who owned the farm tried to close the gate to the area, but the camel was too fast and tramped bot people to death.

The sheriff says the camel was acting aggressively because it was getting ready to breed.

RH emails in much brighter news from the UK:

A WELLAND man has paid tribute to the "absolute hero" who came to his rescue after he was attacked by cows.

Joe Whitehouse, aged 67, was walking his dogs in Castlemorton Common when a herd of the 'spooked' animals approached him. He was rammed to the ground by one of the cows, which kept butting him as he lay prone on the floor...

"The cow continued to come at me and was butting me but Charlotte ran towards and it went away. But then about 20 yards away all the cows formed into a herd and started coming back at us.

"Charlotte ran at them again with her little dog and shouted and they turned and went."

It's usually the presence of dogs which trigger cow attacks, so it is surprising that adding one more dog to the mix finally scared the cows off.

So it's a double-salute to Ms Horrabin for fighting fire with fire and I'm sure we all wish Mr Whitehouse a speedy recovery.


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