Tuesday, 6 January 2015

"Islamic extremists 'ack websites o' primary school and church in Yorkshire"

From T'Daily Mail:

Islamic extremists 'ave 'acked t'websites of a primary school and a church and replaced their 'omepages with an 'ate message against t'US and Israel.

A group calling itsen X-saad 'ijacked t'sites o' Sowerby Community Primary School and t' Danish Church of 'Ull, both in Yorkshire, and replaced them wi' a sinister Islamic-State style page. Police 'ave launched an investigation into t'acks that were believed to have taken place late last night.

The message that appeared on both websites included a picture of a pint of Tetleys and a cricket bat wi' a red cross through 'em. It is on a black background, similar to an ISIS flag, wi' English writing in red and Arabic script in white.

T'statement reads: 'We 'Ackers We defend our religion, we do not forget we are wi'out limits, we do not believe in t'laws'

Sowerby Community Primary School governor Charles Allen shook 'is 'ead sadly and confirmed that there was nowt queer as folk.


Random said...

Mark, there is some more amazing rantings from the blonde baffoon:
This is the kinda stuff you would get if you tried to implement a Land Value Tax. Of course Boris never asks why are Londoner's "well earned" property values worth more. I guess taxing values created by govt enforced title deeds it is akin to "mugging" if we gave someone some property again and again and and then stole a small proportion of it off them each time

Mark Wadsworth said...

R, Boris is doing his usual diagonal comparison crap, but fair enough, Jim Murphy started off with this diagonal comparison.