Friday, 16 January 2015

Friday Night Gearchange

Cozy Powell's "Dance with The Devil". Yes, I'm dimly aware that it's a drum solo rather than an actual song, but I'm not sure that's an excuse.

The intro guitar riff is in E, as is the first run-through of the bit which they nicked from Hendrix's "3rd Stone From The Sun". They shift up a full tone to F# at 1 min 32 seconds for the second run-through and crack on regardless, so the outro guitar riff is the same as the first but in F#:

Top comment: Probably the best percussionist ever. No one else came close, except, possibly, my former husband.

Funny story. My first wife sat down behind a drum kit for the first time in her twenties. I explained the basic rules to her and within about half an hour she was playing like an absolute goddess. No idea where that came from, she neither. She could even play along quite happily to "The Crunge".


Shiney said...

Saw Cozy playing with Rainbow in the 70s and MSG in the 80s. Liked his style a lot.

However, Mr Peart of Rush is still the best rock drummer.... and he evn manages to reference Ayn Rand on 2012. DoublePlusGood.

.....Cue flame war!

Shiney said...

Ooops that'll be 2112

DBC Reed said...

A very old drummer remarks: Cozy Powell got his honorific name from Cozy Cole,a drummer from way back in the early days of Jazz who had a No1 hit in the R'n'R era ('58/).You'd have to say Cole was the better drummer, but I always preferred the pro-drummerist attitude of the Kingsmen's drummer ( I think called Easton ) who drowned out everybody else on Louie, Louie by some very loud drumming, turning the number into a glorified drum solo. (In the wrong rhythm, if you know the original).Another drummer hero is Count Basie who only took up all this piano/band leading business after another better drummer in his area got all the drumming gigs.
@MW Your story about your ex-wife
taking to the drum kit as a fully proficient natural is truly wonderful.

Mark Wadsworth said...

S, agreed on Peart and on 2112, however Ayn Rand was a load of self-pitying shite.

DBC, yes, old Cozy Cole was titanic genius drummer, my Dad used to listen to some of his songs.