Friday, 16 January 2015

"Cameron discusses risk of Paris-style attack in UK"

From the BBC:

Prime Minister David Cameron and security chiefs have reviewed the risk of a Paris-style attack in the UK. They agreed that elements of the Paris attacks should be considered when planning future training exercises for the police and security services.

The UK terror threat level remains unchanged at "sévère", meaning an attack is highly likely.

There will be heightened security to ensure activists cannot bring strings of onions into the UK. Mr Cameron has also vowed to give the security services more powers to monitor attractive young women riding bicycles and people discussing philosophy in pavement cafés.


The Stigler said...

what's the likelihood of mimes?

(I trust you've seen Team America: World Police?)

Mark Wadsworth said...

TS: "I trust you've seen Team America: World Police?"

Only one answer to that: Fuck yeah!

Random said...

Onions or .onion?

Derek said...

Antipersonnel mimes? It's only a matter of time. Once they escape from the box, anyway.