Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Tied up in Red Tape

From the Telegraph

British pornography will be censored by new rules which ban video-on demand films from showing acts like spanking and caning.

New rules mean that paid-for porn watched online will have to comply with the current British Board of Film Censors guidelines, which cover DVDs bought in sex shops.

In the internet era, about as much use as adding some more obstacles to the Maginot Line. Anyone who wants to watch a bit of spanking can just go to a website abroad.


Bayard said...

Something must be done.
This is something.
Let's do it.

Robin Smith said...

Its like the tax on Google's rents. They will just move abroad taking all their job creation with them.

Much easier to abolish patent privilege and make them work for a living.

Pity about the porn 'tax'.

Robin Smith said...

Forgot to mention: I have a transparent proxy on my home server if anyone wants to use it - £5 a month toll charge.