Friday, 19 December 2014

Life copies satire

From The Onion, October 1998:

Morbidly obese man enjoys disabled privileges with motorized cart

Sixteen years later, from The Daily Mail, December 2014:

Obesity IS a disability, rules highest EU court after 25st Danish childminder was 'sacked for being too fat to perform his job properly'


pen seive said...

I understand that in the New Year, every parking space in McDonalds will have a disabled sign

Mark Wadsworth said...

* rimshot, cymbal *

Bayard said...

I don't get it with fatties. How do these people have so little self-control that they can't not eat too much and yet are quite capable of not doing the things that require self control, but are illegal, or make life very unpleasant, like pissing yourself. They may enjoy being morbidly obese, but that's no reason for others to make special provisions for them.

Kj said...

It's funny, "disability", according to the ruling, and thus protection from being sacked, is determined by being totally unfit for doing your job; "full participation". Just being slightly crappy at it or lazy wouldn't cut it.