Monday, 3 November 2014

Fun Online Polls: EU budget and Angela Merkel throws down the gauntlet

The results to last week's Fun Online Poll were as follows:

How should the UK respond to the EU's demand for another GBP 1.7 billion?

Assume it was a clerical error and ignore it - 19%
Assume it was a practical joke and ignore it - 61%
Other, please specify - 20%

My thoughts exactly. A good turnout with 114 voters, thanks to everybody who took part.
The EU fun never stops!

I've no idea what goes through Cameron's tiny mind, but Angela Merkel has firmly slapped him down. Assuming that she can dictate EU policy and/or that other EU leaders think the same, this has wrong footed Cameron completely.

He now has now run out of excuses for waffling on about doing a bit of renegotiating and then holding a referenudm comfortably far into the future, Merkel has deftly painted him into a corner and he has no choice, morally, but to hold a referendum ASAP.

So that's this week's Fun Onlline Poll, how do you think he will respond (all a bit open ended, really)?

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