Tuesday, 11 November 2014

EU-related hilarity with Grant Shapps

From City AM:

The Labour leader has nothing to say about the deficit; nothing to say about the economy; nothing to say about welfare; and nothing to say about Europe.

Contrast this with the Conservative Party, and our record… Time and again, our Prime Minister David Cameron has confronted, not ducked, the difficult decisions in Europe. He has cut the EU budget and fought to get British taxpayers a good deal.

Perhaps our Prime Minister has indeed agitated for increases in the total EU budget being slightly smaller than they otherwise would have been (difficult to prove either way), but the total budget has indisputably gone up, and as to the last assertion...


Again, in all fairness to the Tories (not that they deserve it), the massive increases in the UK's net contribution since 2010 is largely down to stuff which the previous Labour government had signed us up to, but surely an incoming government can tear that up and start again? That's a basic principle of the British constitution. So if he has "fought to get… a good deal", he's made a pretty shit job of it so far.