Tuesday, 28 October 2014

"We won’t face winter electricity blackouts, insists energy minister"

From The Evening Standard:

Fears that the UK is facing a winter of electricity blackouts were dismissed by the Government today.

Energy Minister Matt Hancock insisted the lights would stay on despite the country facing its biggest energy crunch in years.

But he accepted the need for emergency planning including potentially firing-up mothballed power stations or asking factories to close.

It came as a report from the National Grid revealed Britain may need the emergency measures if we are hit by extreme weather or an international energy crisis.


Bayard said...

It will be interesting how popular support for anti "global warming" measures stands up to having a winter of power cuts.

Ian Hills said...

i see the Energy Minister might have to fire up "mothballed power stations".

It's outrageous that these wind farms were ever shut down in the first place.

A K Haart said...

So sustainable energy isn't sustainable but unsustainable energy is sustainable. It's a good job our leaders know what they are doing.

Mark Wadsworth said...

B, if there are black outs, it's because the government hasn't given enough "help" and "support" for renewables and/or proves that the old model of fossil fuel based electricity doesn't work. So there.

IH, no he means the good old fashioned coal and oil based ones which the EU told us to shut down so that French and German companies could get subsidies for nuclear and windmill blah blah blah.

AKH, I refer you to my first comment. Blackouts prove that we must move towards "renewables" more quickly.

Ian Hills said...

Mark - I see by your comment that your sarcasm detector is currently inoperative.

Mark Wadsworth said...

IH, 'fraid so. I ran the back up battery flat during the blackouts..

Lola said...

Mr Smug here has already got himself wired up for Armageddon. I have engineered it so I can just plug a generator into my house throw a double pole switch and away we go.