Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Magic Money Tree


How much was your current home when you bought it and what’s it worth now?
I guess it cost about £800,000 16 years ago.
Last winter, you hit the headlines when your home flooded. Has it knocked the value?
Not at all, because our house wasn’t flooded although the gardens and surrounding lands were flooded. In 2003 we were flooded while we were away, so I didn’t know where the hell it came in or how. But I built flood barriers and pumps and that kept it out of the house until this year, apart from an inch that got into a space I now know about. Even as I speak, I’m looking out over my patio where two large wells are being dug and the flood barriers are being replaced, so the house is fine and it’s now worth £2.5 million.


Mark Wadsworth said...

He likes that… a lot.

Bayard said...

I wonder how much of that £2.5M is due to his own expenditure on flood defences. Quite a bit I would have thought.