Tuesday, 7 October 2014

"Human Universe"

From the BBC:

Human Universe with Professor Brian Cox tackles the most profound questions he has ever asked: Why is he here? How did the universe make him? Did he make the universe? Is he alone? And what is his future?

In his own words, Brian describes Human Universe as a "love letter to himself" – as the series unfolds, he will show that he is the most precious, unique and wonderful supra-species in the universe.

Episode 1: Apeman Spaceman

The story of how on a tiny planet tucked away in an insignificant corner of the universe, one human being evolved to make the greatest leap of them all...

Professor Cox opens this new landmark series by asking the question: who is he? The first episode explores how it was that in a universe made of stars, rocks and endless space, a hyper intelligent scientist-cum-television presenter eventually emerged.

Of all the humans to have crawled, swam and flown over the Earth only one creature has evolved the ability to soar above them all - Professor Brian Cox. To Brian, this ascent is the pinnacle of his achievements.


DBC Reed said...

Reading through the unbelievable blurb they wrote without your improvements there is reference to the idea of life's origins in space.But when Fred Hoyle proposed this idea,not a long time ago, he was called a loony by the whole scientific establishment and he probably missed out on the Nobel Prize because of espousing it and some of its ramifications.

Anonymous said...

He also coined the term 'big bang' but only as a pejorative term mocking the proponents of such a far fetched theory of universal origins.