Thursday, 9 October 2014

"Australian woman safe after 17 days lost in bush"

From the BBC:

An Australian woman has been found 17 days after she got lost in a bush in northern Queensland with no food.

Shannon Leah Fraser stumbled out of the Acacia cowleana on Wednesday morning, reported local media. The 30-year-old was doing some weeding in her front garden before she disappeared on 21 September. She is now recovering in a hospital and is being treated for mild abrasions and severe sunburn.

The mother-of-three's disappearance sparked a search operation involving 2 officers from the police who prodded the bush with sticks and called her name.

Acacia cowleana is an ornamental shrub or small tree 6-12' with large grey (leaves) phyllodes and yellow rod flowers. Suitable for inland areas and temperatures in low 20's will damage the foliage. From inland northern Australia.


Ian Hills said...

She must have a very large bush....

Mark Wadsworth said...

IH, yes, covers the whole front garden.

(cue next smutty joke)

Ben Jamin' said...

getting lost in the bush often happens when going down under. so I've heard.