Thursday, 18 September 2014

"Growth of the turn-up hits jeans industry"

From The Telegraph:

Once shunned by fashionistas as less than de rigueur, turned-up jeans now have the endorsement of hipster and celebrity alike.

I'm wearing yellow socks

Leonardo Di Caprio, George Clooney and David Beckham have all exposed an extra inch of sock with gusto. And thousands of young, fixed gear bicycle-riding, Hackney-dwelling twenty-somethings have followed suit.

I'll see your yellow socks and raise you pink

But the revival of the turn-up could be hurting what had was once seen as an unstoppable growth industry - men's jeans which fit properly.

I'll trump those with one pink and one yellow

Europe has also undergone something of a turn-up renaissance. Stores in Europe sold £72 million less in jeans which  were neither too short nor too long this year than last. However it would be too soon to predict the demise of denim - retailers still sold £2.2 billion worth of jeans and denim jackets and waistcoats across the EU in the period.

Ha! I'm not even wearing socks!

The news was welcomed by the European Association Of Dayglo Sock And Shoelace Retailers who reported surging sales. Sales of black shoe polish have also taken a hit as hipsters made the switch to brown brogues.

Even on Monday to Thursday. With turned-up jeans. FFS.


ThomasBHall said...

Brown shoes worn in town any day but Friday= automatic custodial sentence. Turned up jeans= public thrashing.
Should we add to YPP manifesto?

Ian Hills said...

The link page says "it would be too soon to predict the demise of metrosexual grooming".

As a resident of Brighton who keeps his back to the wall, I can reassure the columnist that it's far from dead down here.

Mark Wadsworth said...

TBH, I don't mind if it's a proper hipster doing it ironically, aware that it is the height of bad taste. that's funny.

It's the Mr Average who just thinks "Oh this is back in fashion' or doesn't realise that it ever went out of fashion and who does it non-ironically which irritate me.

IH, "metrosexual' = straight.