Friday, 8 August 2014

"West hits Russia with food export ban"

From the BBC:

The EU, USA and some other Western countries are imposing a "full embargo" on food exports to Russia, in response to Russia's actions in the Ukraine.

President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy said it would include fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, milk and dairy imports. Australia, Canada and Norway have agreed similar sanctions.

Elsewhere, Nato chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Ukraine's freedom and future were "under attack," promising support against Russian "aggression".

The latest developments come during heightened tensions between Russia and the West over Ukraine, where heavy shelling was reported in the eastern rebel stronghold of Donetsk on Thursday.


Lola said...

I know. It's bizarre isn't it?

Katabasis said...

You think that's funny? Wait until you see the official EU reaction! -

Anonymous said...

So the Russians will buy apples from Brazil that we would have bought otherwise, and we buy the Polish ones the Russians would have bought.

No sweat!

Mark Wadsworth said...

K, predictably. The top EU guys are in the pocket of the oligarchs anyway.

AC, brilliant, exactly.