Monday, 18 August 2014

Seems fair enough to me.

From The Telegraph:

Take two drivers: both have spotless records and the same car, which they park on their respective drives. But the motorist who lives in London will pay three times [as much] insurance than a comparable driver in the Isle of Man.

Car insurance costs are determined by a driver's postcode, with those living in locations deemed more of a theft risk paying inflated premiums - regardless of whether or not they are responsible drivers.

What on earth are they complaining about? I don't think there's any "deeming" going on here, the insurance companies know perfectly well where cars are more or less likely to be stolen, and assuming insurance companies to be competitive inter se, the premiums cannot be inflated. And does being a "responsible driver" make it less likely that your car will be stolen? Methinks not.

(I must admit I'm a bit disappointed to see that I live in a "high risk" postcode, but hey).


Bayard said...

If my experience is anything to go by, you are much more likely to have your car broken into in a "low risk" market town than you are in the better, but still "high risk" parts of London.