Saturday, 9 August 2014

"Pub told to change its name by Bear Grylls' lawyers because it has the words 'bear' and 'grill' in it"

From The Daily Mail:

A grill style eatery has been told to change its name by Bear Grylls’ lawyers because it has the words ‘bear’ and 'grill' in it.

The Bear Grill in Stafford town centre received a letter from the adventurer’s lawyers calling for the company to remove any reference to ‘bear’ or 'grill' including its name, logo and website.

A spokesman for The Lewis Partnership, who turned round the struggling pub two years ago, said they plan to change its name because they do not have ‘the energy or inclination’ to fight ‘faceless’ lawyers.

"We haven't decided a new name yet, it's a toss up between 'The Ray Mere' and 'The Ben Fogie'. We should be safe with either of those, shouldn't we?"


The Stigler said...

WTF? Because they call it a Bear knife and have a bear pawprint as a logo?

If this was David Hempleman-Adams and they called it a Hempleman knife I could understand. But Edward Grylls called himself Bear because it's an outdoors name, and in the context it's in, it's generic and should be thrown out.

It's a pity that some lawyer won't throw them a bone, and bring the case to court with Grylls' lawyers losing and paying the fees (which is the most likely outcome).

Rich Tee said...

What it needs is for a bear to sue Bear Grylls for using his name.

They could call it the Steve Irwin because he's dead. They could specialise in sea food.

Richard T said...

Since Mr Grylls' learned friends are so assiduous on his behalf, I hope that this won't mean the end of the numerous double entendres on his name - such as grin and bear it, bearing up and bare-faced cheek.

SumoKing said...

He does actually endorse a range of fcuking big knives. I was in a department store the other day mooching through water bottles and the isle had these sort of bluddy big machette things with his "better drink my own piss" face all over them.
Possibly more that knife company getting the hump and trying its arm than Ted himself.