Thursday, 7 August 2014

In through the out door.

From City AM:

Top software company Sage Group yesterday announced that Stephen Kelly would succeed Guy Berruyer as group chief executive from 5 November...

Kelly is currently operations chief and head of efficiency for the UK government where he works to cut red tape and improve the government's contacts with IT suppliers.

The new role will land Kelley with a basic annual salary of £790,000 and he will be part of the company's annual bonus and performance share plan. Furthermore, Kelly will receive a one-off performance share plan award of £987,500 with a six-year vesting period against demanding share return performance conditions.


JohnM said...

Don't known the exact amount but most government uses Oracle rather than Sage

Mark Wadsworth said...

JohnM, I take your word for it.

But do you think the amount it spends on Sage will now go up or go down? Why do you think they hired him?

The Stigler said...


For once this may be genuine. Kelly has experience running software companies before he entered government, like MicroFocus (who mostly sell developer tools).

And as JohnM points out, this isn't really Sage's area - they mostly sell small business accounting software. Government would never go with something like Sage. They've got a gazillion baroque requirements that have to be met.