Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Being fat is now "politically correct"???

It is weird.

Political correctness is all about creating a climate of fear, fear of the thing itself or of being perceived as that thing etc.

For some reason, politicians and various do-gooders like yapping on about an "obesity epidemic" or "obesuty crisis" (being a complete misuse of those words), so I had hitherto assumed that being fat was politically incorrect and persecuting fatties was politically correct.

Apparently not. From The Daily Mail:

A weight-loss expert has blasted retailers for using size 16 mannequins, claiming they are 'normalising' obesity.

Presenter of the TV show Fat Families, Steve Miller told MailOnline 'political correctness is encouraging people to stay fat'.

He has urged society to adopt 'shock tactics' to tackle the obesity epidemic head on.

In any event, those size-16 mannequins look a perfectly normal shape to me, the size-10 ones are definitely borderline anorexic.

Presumably Steve Miller is a joker who wants to take the money and run.


Kj said...

FFS, I remember the days of yore, or around a decade ago when everyone yapped about mannequins/H&M models being too skinny and making women feel bad etc.. So they´ve added normal ones by most standards. Now you´d think that this knob would be put down by the yappers of yore, but they are probably the types who are now convinced there is an "obesity crisis", and sort of feels he has a point. You know, because McDonalds and capitalism. Or so I believe.
So it´s never about allowing women to look like they do/want, it´s just thin was incorrect yesterday, it´s not now, so got´s to follow suit.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Kj, yes, a few years ago, politicians in the UK government were complaining about "size zero models".

Now they are complaining about fatties.

And if we blame McDonalds and capitalism for fatties, we blame celebrity culture and capitalism for skinny people.

Bayard said...

Just goes to show, you can't please all of the people any of the time.