Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Vehicles-crashing-into-buildings News

From The Evening Standard:

These pictures reveal the devastation wreaked by a runaway bus which rolled backwards down a hill and crashed into the front of a family home.

The images, taken by resident Natasha Ottley, show huge cracks in the brickwork in the now "totally unsafe" property after the empty 174 bus hit it.

Eye witnesses claimed the bus was empty at the time and the driver chased after it to get back at the wheel after apparently leaving the handbrake off but it was travelling too quickly.

I'd say the house looks to be in surprisingly good condition, to say it just got hit by the proverbial bus. Hopefully they can get it patched up again fairly quickly.

Top tip: don't buy a house on a T-junction at the bottom of a hill.


Bayard said...

When I lived in London, there was a house nearby in a similar situation and I saw an old photo of a tram half-buried in it.