Tuesday, 10 June 2014

"Wife left in 'hysterics' after receiving letter from council saying her late husband had popped out for a pint"

From The Daily Mail:

Bernadette Atkinson, 51, and the couple's son Karl arrived home to find the letter and no sign of her late husband Anthony. Mr Atkinson, 52, had died earlier that day only for his ghost to return an hour later to find his wife in 'hysterics'.

The letter, from the Chorley council tax department, read: "Please accept my apologies for writing to you at this time, but we have received information that the recently deceased Mr Anthony Atkinson is knocking back pints in The Dog & Hammer." It goes on to ask Mrs Atkinson to call a member of bar staff to 'provide further information'.

Karl, 26, said: "My mum nearly had a heart attack. My dad wasn’t in when we got home - he had passed away - and we were busy reading that he was down the pub.

"It turns out he went for a post mortem pint with his brother, but we didn’t know where he was in the afterlife and all of a sudden this letter was saying he was in his local. He had been in the morgue all day and it was addressed to my mum, two good reasons why he didn’t open it."

To their surprise, Anthony floated through the family’s front door around 45 minutes later.

"My dad was understandably really angry," said Karl. "It was a bit of a strange situation, because he was trying to reading a letter but it kept slipping through his fingers and floating away."