Monday, 30 June 2014

Sumoking's Libertarian Corner


The Stigler said...


The whole of the Hunger Games series (and especially the creepy teaser trailer for Mockingjay Pt 1) is pretty good for teaching kids about how government is fucking evil while presenting the face of goodness.

SumoKing said...

I first saw the Hunger Games in German, jeebus it came across as malevolent!

(the Bioshock "games" on Xbox are good for this too, but possibly a bit high brow for most ankle biters)

The Stigler said...

It's for teens and kids slightly younger and in that context, doesn't pull any punches.

The books also don't talk down to kids and are intelligent about the society, the motivations of the characters and so forth. In my opinion it's a more accurate world than 1984.