Sunday, 15 June 2014

Some truth in this

From NewsThump

Supermarkets across the country have reported plummeting sales of toilet paper after The Sun newspaper posted a free edition through every letterbox in the country.

Concerned executives from Andrex, Velvet and Cushelle have been attending hastily convened management meetings to discuss their market’s new entrant, and the threat it poses to their businesses.

Our briefly-skimmed copy (no tits except James Corden) got put in the bottom of a guinea pig cage.


Bayard said...

I would have used it to light the fire, but the bastards didn't send me one.

A K Haart said...

Scrunched up into a ball it's quite good for cleaning the inside of windscreens.

The Stigler said...


If you keep guinea pigs, the newspaper goes below the hay. Generally we use our neighbours copies of the Guardian ;)


Good point.

Honestly, the worst thing about The Sun nowadays is how dull it feels. Websites like are better at putting together amusing headlines for stories.