Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Mongo World: same old, same old.

From The Daily Mash:

FIFA has promised an investigation into the successful 2026 World Cup bid by the planet Mongo.

Work on the stadia has been plagued with rumours that unions have been suppressed, worker wages withheld and the entire world is enslaved by the threat of an enormous death ray...

And so the article continues in the usual satirical vein, this was the punch line:

Documents also show that several high-ranking FIFA officials bought land in the uninhabitable Dire Marsh region before Mongo was named as host. They have since made massive profits as the lands are drained to make way for infrastructure and by selling its native lizard men as meat.


SumoKing said...

surely the threat is the very real prospect of a pinky ring being used to bash the moon into the earth and not just some ethereal death ray mumbo jumbo

(which would explain the "climate chaos" also)

ageing man said...

who cares.... Engerland is gunna win the world cup..... come on rooooooney !