Sunday, 8 June 2014

"First it was donkeys…"

No, not another variation on the Niemöller quote, but a cow attack story from The Daily Echo, emailed in by JuliaM:

FIRST it was donkeys seeing the red mist(1) in Hampshire – now it’s cows.

An elderly woman needed hospital treatment after being headbutted in the stomach as she walked in the New Forest. The latest incident saw the 81-year-old attacked by a large pregnant cow.

It happened as she walked her schnauzer dog(2) on land off Normandy Lane in Lymington – the same area where two women were chased and butted last week. The attacks have now prompted Hampshire County Council to put up signs warning that cows with calves are grazing in the area and urging people to pass with care.

1) I thought donkeys - like most animals - were colour blind?

2) Interesting. The set piece cow attack involved a cow, her young calf, a dog walker and a dog. I didn't realise that their maternal instinct kicked in while they were still pregnant.

Says JuliaM, the "killer quote" is this:

The victim of the latest incident, who did not want to be named, likened it to being in the ring with Muhammad Ali and said it left her in hospital for seven hours.


Ian Hills said...

As this was the New Forest the cow probably had more right to be there than she had. Hasn't she heard of profits a prendre?

Mark Wadsworth said...

IH, depends, they might have been Friesian or Jersey cows, which sound a bit foreign.

Pablo said...

I thought donkeys - like most animals - were colour blind?

That's why they're not allowed to drive.
Cats, it seems, can see blues n yellows, but not reds n greens (or sumpin like dat).

Mark Wadsworth said...

P, but you can understand traffic lights even if you see in black and white, because the red light is always at the top etc.

So the reason why donkeys and cats aren't allowed to drive must be something else.