Monday, 2 June 2014

"BBC staff complain of 'trend of filth and human waste' broadcast from new £1bn HQ"

From The Evening Standard:

BBC newsreaders have complained that output from the corporation’s flagship £1 billion building is unclean and dangerous with a 'trend of filth and human waste products'. They have called on bosses to intervene over content which they say is so 'unhygienic' that viewers regularly become sick.

The claims were made by BBC World News presenter Peter Dobbie in an email sent to the head of HR for BBC News, Dan Goad. In the email Mr Dobbie claims viewers were hospitalised after watching programmes edited in basement studio B3, complaining other licence payers have also become ill.

He writes: “They’ve had ‘food poisoning’ three times now in the past year from B3. There is now obviously a trend down there – a trend of filth, human waste products, and badly made programmes.

“Whatever is happening on B3 is vicious, adaptable and life-threatening.”

[Disclaimer: I quite like the BBC actually, it's quite funny in its own self-absorbed seriousness, but they asked for it this time.]


Dr Evil said...

Norovirus spreads via the famous faecal-oral route. Perhaps they all need lessons in hand washing. Also keeping food refrigerated is a good idea as is segregating raw and cooked foods into different fridges. But the main thing is washing hands thoroughly with soap, not a quick rinse with water and a mop off with a non-disposable towel.

James Higham said...

You like the Beeb, Mark? How about its staff?

ageing man said...

Could it be that David Truscott is their new chief reporter ?

The Stigler said...

I just find that the amount of content I watch is falling all the time. Which may be related to having these streaming services, but I probably watch nearly as much of the various ITV channels now as the BBC.

(The Chase on ITV is one of the best quiz shows around).

Mark Wadsworth said...

Dr E, thanks and all, but you've given away the punchline.

JH, TS, I do like the Beeb, all this PC stuff is quite funny. It's like being lectured by a five year old.

It's far less insulting than The Sun insisting that immigrants are "swamping our services".

Mainly I watch the science documentaries to see "scientists on beaches" and "scientists stirring cups of coffee".

It appears there is little that cannot be explained using the analogy of rocks or fires on a beach, or the circular motion of coffee, of shards of coffee cups jumping up from the floor and becoming whole again.

AM, tee hee.