Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Location, location, location

Taxi drivers, who excel at rent seeking (by ensuring that there are barriers to entry, such as "The Knowledge" and a limited number of taxi driver permits, and restrictions on what mini can drivers can do etc) were back on top form in London yesterday:

NO SOONER had the dragons and indeed Boris left the Shard, a wholly different crowd descended upon it: London's taxi drivers, who staged a disruptive protest over [Transport for London's] failure to give them a taxi rank outside the Shard's revolving doors…
They've given us a rank 250 yards down the road and want to call us with a hailing light, while private hires sit and wait by the door – why should we be second choice?" one of the members of London Cab Drivers Club complained.


The Stigler said...

There's some value to black cabs in terms of outsiders visiting the city. They're like a brand that you can trust.

They do take the piss but in this day and age, I can Google a minicab firm from a train and use them.

The US is worse - you don't even have minicabs in some places, which is why Uber got created.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Yes, black cabs, splendid, and if people want to take one and pay a bit extra, that's fine by me. That is no reason for them to try and f- over mini cab drivers.