Thursday, 8 May 2014

Daily Mail on top form

10 May 2012:

Oh my God, my beautiful babies, they have gone: Father's desperate cries as he finds wife with their smothered children at £1.2m home they moved into 10 days ago

8 May 2014:

Mother who strangled her two babies to death while suffering postnatal depression returns to same £1.5m mansion in ‘Nappy valley’ two years later after release from mental hospital

Here's what you get for £1.5 million in that part of London nowadays; this screen shot from the video shows the full width of the house (the black drain pipe on the right of the picture is between this and the next house along):


View from the Solent said...

A terraced 'mansion'?

Mark Wadsworth said...

VFTS, yes, photo duly inserted, it's not even double-fronted or three-storey or anything. Jeez.

Bayard said...

Judging by the photos, I think it's in Clapham, FFS.

DBC Reed said...

Bonzo Dog's "My pink half of the drainpipe" comes to mind.But that was on a semi-detached.
I have seen a vertically divided drainpipe: in Swindon, funnily enough.The Heritage people should have preserved that but almost certainly did n't.

They did n't lift a finger to preserve the plastic cylindrical club building in Northampton, or the magnificent curved Gents bogs bulldozed for the lacklustre North Gate Bus Station. Come to that they are knocking down the Greyfriars Bus Station (featured in Mark Haddon's book) which had a lawn on the roof.Philistines!!!

Bayard said...

There used to be a parti-coloured drainpipe round the corner from me when I lived in London and yes, it always set me off humming, "My Pink Half of the Drainpipe".