Friday, 9 May 2014

Daily Mail on not-so top form...

An excellent start, I'll give them that:

Hunt for woman, 88, after her 87-year-old husband is found DECAPITATED in their million dollar home

I suppose that the fact he owned a house is relevant to the story, so half-marks for this:

Beggars belief: Scrounger who lay in doorways PRETENDING to be homeless caught living in £230,000 village home

And then their enthusiasm fizzles out, they couldn't be bothered ringing up a local estate agent:

Mother arrested after allegedly trying to cut throats of her three children with a kitchen knife before grandfather 'wrestled to stop her'

All we get is: "Neighbours heard screams coming from the modern terraced house in Newport, South Wales, at 8am yesterday."



Bayard said...

"they couldn't be bothered ringing up a local estate agent"

I expect they did and the conversation went like this (from the DM's end):

"How much would you expect to pay for a three-bed house in X Street?"

"How much!? Are you sure it's that little?"

"No, no, we can't print that, no-one would believe us."

Mark Wadsworth said...

B, hehe.

I assumed that the estate agent quoted something which the Mail reckoned was too high to elicit pity from the readers ("oh the poor things, not only are their grandchildren in hospital but they didn't make anything in the property market either") and too low to trigger jealousy, so they left it out.