Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Well, yes, apart from all the other places...

More lunacy from the BBC, 2 April 2014:

Wales could be the first part of the UK to ban the use of electronic cigarettes in enclosed public places

Ministers say they are responding to concern that the devices - which can contain nicotine - normalise smoking and undermine the smoking ban...

Er, are they sure..?

Evening Standard, 8 August 2013:

Transport For London staff have been banned from using electronic cigarettes at work because they are too realistic. And customers may also be forbidden to “smoke” them in future, bosses at TfL say.

In an email to staff, the organisation writes: “E-cigarettes and nicotine inhalers are extremely difficult to differentiate from real cigarettes, therefore if someone uses an e-cigarette or nicotine inhaler in the workplace it might look like they are smoking a real cigarette." 

Daily Telegraph, 11 August 2013:

Rail companies have banned e-cigarettes from their trains and stations, saying people using them make other travellers feel “uneasy”.


DBC Reed said...

Would have thought the banning of e-cigarettes was a good thing by giving them the glamour of illegality and making them look cool rather than a bit sad.You can envisage a scene in a future film where the hero whips out his e-cigarette and brandishes it about defiantly reducing the up-for-anything heroine to putty in his hands.I doubt whether this will be an American film, mind you.