Saturday, 5 April 2014

"Sales of alcohol blocked in nearly 1,000 hotspots"


The Stigler said...

So, people will just have to plan their pre-loading more?

Incidentally, pre-loading is almost entirely down to the smoking ban.

First few hours of a night out, you'd meet your mates in the pub, sit around drinking and smoking and chatting and as the evening wore on, you'd then maybe start talking to groups of girls/blokes etc.

People still need pubs for the 2nd part of the evening, the meeting girls/blokes bit, but the first bit you can do at home, so that's what people are doing.

Mark Wadsworth said...

TS, yes that's probably true, but the idea of dispersing all the "trouble" is nuts.

Nottingham does it right, all the clubs and so on are close together in the town centre and they just park an ambulance and a police van in front of the town hall as a matter of routine for when it kicks off.

The Stigler said...


Very true. Swindon has an area at the bottom end of town that includes the sort of Walkabout/Yates' bars. At one end is the police van.

And a friend of mine in CAMRA described it as a deliberate police/council containment policy. And it works. There isn't much trouble (because of the police presence)

Lola said...

Goodeee. And excellent bootlegging / rum running opportunity. Super Profits to be made chaps. let's go!

Mark Wadsworth said...

L, no need, most people live within ten minutes of a supermarket, so there's always somewhere to stock up and "pre-load".

This makes the stocking up and pre-loading procedure a little bit more taffy but all it does is disperse it around, thus making life a bit more difficult for emergency services - to the extent that we believe that there is such a thing as "pre-loading" and that it causes more work for the emergency services, the whole basis for the policy.