Monday, 21 April 2014

Fun Online Polls: Girls Aloud & Garden snails

A low turnout but a high percentage of correct answers in last week's Fun Online Poll:

Which was not the title of a song or album by Girls Aloud?
Biology - 1 vote
Can't speak French - 1 vote
Chemistry - 0 votes
Deadlines and diets - 1 vote
Money - 1 vote
Pure maths with statistics - 30 votes
Whole lotta history - 1 vote

According to the BBC:

A fifth of British gardeners have thrown snails over their neighbour's fence, according to a survey.

Some 22% of people questioned for the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) said they had tossed a snail into their neighbour's garden, compared with 78% who said they had not.

Londoners were the worst culprits, with 30% admitting they had done it. Gardeners in Scotland were least likely, where 14% admitted they had thrown a snail over a garden fence.

Only a fifth? I thought everybody did it. My theory was, if there is a snail in my back garden, it must have come from a neighbour's garden, so all I am doing is returning it whence it came.

So let's see if we get the same responses here.

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Leg-iron said...

If slugs and snails appear in my garden they don't leave. This is the last garden they ever see.

They don't come back from where I send them.

Junican said...

Never bothered about slugs until I started growing nicotiana tabacum. Now, like LI, they rapidly become ex-slugs.

TheFatBigot said...

I have lobbed them over the wall but only into the garden to the north of FatBigot Towers which is not used, and only when I find a single specimen.

When there are numerous shelled slimy nibblers in evidence I fetch a little bucket half full of water, add bleach or Jay's Fluid and drop the invaders in to enjoy their last drink.

They fizz.

The bucket is then emptied over the wall into the garden to the north.