Monday, 17 March 2014

"Vet, 23, almost died when doctors sent her home with paracetamol after she was trampled by a COW"

From The Daily Mail:

* Amy Jennings was crushed by a cow at a farm in Halam, Nottinghamshire

* Newly qualified vet was taken to nearby Kings Mill Hospital for treatment

* Despite not having X-rays, she was given paracetamol and discharged

* Collapsed two days later and was rushed to hospital in 'serious condition'

* Miss Jennings had suffered 'massive' internal bleeding after being trampled

* Kings Mill Hospital admits service 'fell below standard we would expect'

All very sad, but apparently that hospital serves the freshest bread in the whole NHS.


Antisthenes said...

'fell below standard we would expect'

It does not fall below the standard that I expect. As I was a recipient of this standard of healthcare for 20 years as the NHS failed to diagnose or cure a debilitating stomach problem I had for 20 years. In the end they informed me as they could not find out what was causing my problem I would no longer be seen by consultants. Only when I moved to France was a cure found and that was by a GP who sent me for a blood test which if memory serves I never had whilst under the NHS from which he diagnosed that I had an allergy put me on a course of tablets for 10 days that cured me. The problem has never returned.

Whilst I was living in France I met many expats who had similar stories. The NHS could learn a lot from how the French healthcare system works as it is many times better but they will not because that involves a considerable amount of private provision and funding (it is so structured so that no one is disadvantaged the less well off and the aged are treated the same as everyone else) .

DBC Reed said...

The story does not conclude with the standard "Lessons have been learnt," meaning "So we fucked up and got caught. We'll make sure it (getting caught )does n't happen again"

Mark Wadsworth said...

Anti, good point.

DBC, if you read that far.

James Higham said...

Memo - do not get sick in this country.

Bayard said...

"but they will not because that involves a considerable amount of private provision and funding"

and it involves copying the French, anathema to any true-blooded Englishman for at least a thousand years.