Sunday, 23 March 2014

"People in think tanks leading desperate lives, says report"

From the BBC:

Think tank researchers are leading "desperate lives" in which they publish largely unfounded reports purporting to show that "rape is used as a weapon against young women and carrying drugs and guns is seen as normal" as a cry for help, a think tank has said.

The Centre for Social Justice said the "daily suffering" of dozens of researchers "goes largely unnoticed". Think tanks and pressure groups are so desperate for attention that they will make outlandish claims such as "Girls as young as eight are being used to carry drugs", it added.

The CSJ called for career advisers to be embedded in the Westminster village to identify victims, and for more support to be given to help people who moved straight from university to running the country to find meaningful employment and recognition in the real world.

The CSJ - a right-leaning think tank established by current cabinet minister Iain Duncan Smith when he was Conservative Party leader - carried out the research with the London charity XLP, speaking to current and former think tank members, voluntary organisations and government agencies.


The Stigler said...

The problem is that the alternatives for such people aren't there. They've generally got nothing more than a 2:2 in PPE from the University of Hertfordshire (formerly Watford Polytechnic) and the prospects for someone hiring them to do anything but flip burgers aren't really there.

Mark Wadsworth said...

TS, why not have them flip burgers then? There's nothing wrong with flipping burgers, is there?

The Stigler said...


No, but it doesn't pay well, and they're attracted by the allure of wealth of being in bullshit gangs like the CSJ disciples and IPPR crips.

DBC Reed said...

The University of Hertfordshire grew out of Hatfield Tech.
If there were a lot more money around ,people would n't have to sell their souls to bullshit outfits .

Bayard said...

"people would n't have to sell their souls to bullshit outfits"

I think that indoor jobs with good money and no heavy lifting will always attract people away from real work that adds value. More money just means more bullshit jobs.