Thursday, 20 March 2014

"NHS complaints system not complicated enough"

From the BBC:

The complaints system for the NHS in England is "not complicated enough" and needs another layer of bureaucray, according to another layer of bureaucracy.

Healthwatch England says more than 70 organisations are involved in dealing with complaints about the NHS and social care. The quango recommends that the government increases their funding tenfold to enable them to create a 71st organisation which would wobble on top of the pyramid.

The new body will enable those who are not happy with the existing complaints system to be able to register their complaints about the complaints system.

NHS England says it is committed to improving the system for handling complaints about the way in which complaints about the way complaints about poor medical treatment are handled are handled and is piloting a new approach.

Following a review which revealed deep dissatisfaction with Healthwatch England's procedures, a 72nd organisation has been created, which will be known as Healthwatch Englandwatch.


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