Saturday, 1 March 2014

Free Coffee

From the FT

The Labour party has accused small coffee shops of stealing trade from small toilet operators by providing toilets to its customers.

In its latest salvo against big business, Labour said the freeToilets scheme was having a “stark effect” on small toilet operators in the UK.

Andy Sawford, shadow communities minister, has written to every MP with a local small coffee shop asking them to press the shops to charge for toilets in the “spirit of fair competition”.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Yup, them pesky small café owners, they've already been reported to the OFT by Waitrose.

Bayard said...

Somebody else for cafe owners to grumble about: Lloyds Bank in Cardiff were giving out free welshcakes today. I'm glad to say a friend of mine went and helped herself, even though she doesn't bank at Lloyds.

Robin Smith said...

What about all the biz they are unfairly stealing from creches too?