Friday, 14 March 2014

Daily Mail back on top form

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A doctor killed herself in the bath at home after being arrested on suspicion of fraud and writing a suicide note protesting her innocence, an inquest heard.

June Shazeela Allim was arrested in September last year and accused of fiddling the books at the GP surgery where she worked with her husband Henry White.

Two weeks later, she took some over-the-counter medicine and was found dead in the bath by Dr White at the couple's £1 million home in the Warwickshire village of Norton Lindsey.

It all reminds me of that Jewish joke about the mother running panic stricken along the sea front shouting "Help, help! My son the doctor is drowning!"


Pablo said...

I think here tho' the mention of the house price has some relevance: we have 2 doctors, both earning a fair whack, they have a £1M 'ouse and yet she still cooks the books!

Mark Wadsworth said...

P, you're right, in this instance it does add a certain voyeuristic spice to the whole thing.