Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Nearly there...

What is particularly annoying about aeroplane hijackers is when they hijack a flight en route from A to B; force the pilot to land in C instead; and then demand safe passage to D.

Why don't they just get on a 'plane to D in the first place; or having hijacked it, ask the pilot to land in D instead of C?

From The Evening Standard:

An Ethiopian Airlines jet with 202 passengers and crew on board was hijacked today by its co-pilot.

The 30-year-old man landed the Addis Ababa to Rome flight safely in Geneva before climbing out of a window on a rope and asking for asylum.

So at least he landed where he wanted to end up, but…

a) Is Switzerland more generous with asylum than Italy, where the 'plane was headed anyway?

b) Why didn't he just get himself on a flight to Switzerland in the first place? Geneva's quite a bit further than Rome, so he might have run out of fuel, which would have been embarrassing for all concerned.

c) Why the window/rope stunt? Why didn't he just go down the stairs with everybody else?


Dr Evil said...

He probably was worried the crew and passengers were going to beat the crap out of him. He should have gone to Italy and claimed asylum there and in no time would have ben on benefits in the UK.

Anonymous said...

As per usual there is the perennial caricature of the shiftless foreign sponger come benefit tourist.Why would he need to go on benefits?
He's a qualified pilot, Ryan or Dan Air would hire him.

Mark Wadsworth said...

DrE, that's what I'd have done on.

PC, firstly he's only a "co-pilot" and secondly, if you ran an airline would you employ him? He seems a bit unpredictable and unwilling to follow direct orders.

But on the other hand, he can clearly stay cool under pressure and think on his feet, so he's clearly got some marketable skills.

Bayard said...

"Why don't they just get on a 'plane to D in the first place; or having hijacked it, ask the pilot to land in D instead of C?"

Possibly because no-one flies to D from whichever hellhole they are escaping from and the plane is carrying only enough fuel to get to C (especially if D is the other side of an ocean from A).

Mark Wadsworth said...

B, AFAICR, most hijacks are around the Mediterranean, where distances are quite short.