Monday, 24 February 2014

"Herd of rampaging cattle cause bloodshed and mayhem in Kent!"

OK, I might have over-sensationalised an article from Kent Online a bit:

Stunned people cud not believe their eyes when they saw a calf running freely along one of Sittingbourne's busiest streets.

Witness Stuart Waite was on his way to work when he saw the animal heading down London Road towards the town centre before turning into Chalkwell Road. Udderly surprised by what he was seeing, he milked the moment and took pictures of it moo-ving along the street.

Thankfully, drivers in both directions had slowed down in both directions - otherwise the steaks could have been a lot higher due to it having a free reign [sic] of the highway.

Now the cow [steer, actually] - being delivered to a school farm after being bought at market - has been nicknamed Bolt after sprinter Usain Bolt...